History of Sage Solutions

Customized, expert facilitation to help community benefit organizations get there from here.

It began in 1997 when I went back to do some graduate work, as a way for me to stay involved in professional life while juggling school and a new baby. What started as a small and short term measure has lasted for more than fourteen years. I love the challenge of working with each client to develop a solution that works, then maintaining contact with that client not only to build on past successes, but to make sure that what worked at first continues to do so.

Most recently, Sage Solutions has grown to work in partnership with other consulting firms to bring together exactly the right team for each client as needed.

Why “Sage Solutions?”

Besides loving the colour, sage symbolizes several important things for me. In French “sage-femme” means both midwife and wise woman. Fresh wisdom and accompaniment at the birthing of new ideas are at the core of what this company exists to provide.