Sage Solutions delivers on its promises

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“I had the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by Rebecca as a member of the Wyndham House Board. I left the workshop with clarity around my role on the Board at this moment and confidence to ask important questions as we work on our future strategic direction. Rebecca gave our Board a broad perspective but also put our work and mission into context for the decisions needed to guide the organization. Newly established and seasoned organizations will benefit from Rebecca’s guidance towards consensus on purpose and action.”

Danielle Van Raalte
Wyndham House, Board of Directors

“Rebecca’s sessions are productive and engaging. She is both conscientious and adaptable. She can be counted on to build strong rapport with participants and to maintain high positive energy in the room. She models collaborative leadership even as she teaches it to others.

Personally I have found Rebecca to be dynamic, authentic, and passionate. She knows how to connect with people in a genuine manner that allows for trust and difficult conversations to happen. She creates dynamic environments that make innovation possible. She is also someone who consistently goes the extra mile and I deeply respect.”

John Neufeld
Executive Director, House of Friendship

“Rebecca is a master at taking complex work and boiling it down into manageable pieces. Professionals of all levels of experience with collaborative work will feel even more capable of tackling tough conversations and challenging group processes with Rebecca at the helm!”

Alison Pearson, M.A.
Manager, Community Engagement and Planning for the Children’s Planning Table

“I really benefited from Rebecca’s coaching approach. I sometimes had difficulty articulating what I needed to help me address a situation or develop additional skills. Rebecca asked the right questions, provided guidance, and suggested resources to help me on my personal and professional development journey.”

Kelly Giesbrecht
Regional Manager, Retention and Recruitment
Medical Affairs at Northern Health – BC

“Rebecca is a personable and professional consultant who delivers. She was able to quickly gather and analyze information, identify gaps and collaborate in order to engage stakeholders in implementation. The result has been an engaged board moving forward.”

Lorri Sauve
Program Director, Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures

“Amazing course… Far exceeded my expectations. The content was very very informative, easy to follow and really made sense. It got down to the guts and core, which makes it easier and more understandable to actually put into motion… The instructor, well, she was phenomenal. She had a real passion for what she was presenting. She had great examples, kept the course on time and flowing.”

Session Participant

“I am so appreciative of the work Rebecca did for us. It helped to clarify the crux of the problem and key issues. She took time to debrief the meeting with me and offered very insightful and honest perspectives. I really value Rebecca’s facilitation expertise and analytical abilities. We were very fortunate to have her with us.”

Elly Vandenberg
Senior Director, Government Engagement, World Vision Canada

“Rebecca was exactly what our organization needed. An objective and fresh perspective that allowed us to examine the future of our organization critically. Rebecca’s style was engaging and effective and non-judgmental while keeping us focused on task. We are excited to see where the organization goes as a result of our work with Sage Solutions.”

Board Executive Members
Learning Disabilities Association of Wellington County

“Our board and staff had the opportunity to work with Rebecca and her company Sage Solutions over the past few months as she led our organization in strategic planning. She is a collaborative, creative, skilled professional facilitator who tailored the series of meetings perfectly to suit her audience. She was able to crystalize the conversations into an incisive report and offer a practical approach and tailored template to define our work. Participants said it was the best planning day they had ever attended. She also provides on going consulting to “check in” annually. It was excellent value for the costs and as a non profit organization we value investing in our future. We highly recommend Rebecca and Sage Solutions.”

Kerry Vandergrift, MSW, RSW
Executive Director, Beginnings Family Services

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sage Solutions on the development of two strategic plans and a business case. On each occasion, Sage Solutions successfully engaged a diverse group of key stakeholders in a meaningful, creative and well facilitated consultation process that truly achieved the desired outcomes.”

Bill Davidson
Executive Director, Langs

“Working with stakeholders from multiple sectors, Rebecca successfully created the framework that The Elevator Project exists on today. Her work created a strong foundation for our current and future success.”

Gabrielle Clermont
Community Animator, The Elevator Project

“As the pastor of a church, I recognized that Rebecca’s skill at drawing out the opinions of our attendees was valuable. However, in our experience she went beyond just tabulating and analyzing the feedback. Rebecca was able to provide a level of motivation within our congregation that spurred people to action. When a facilitator can help move a volunteer force forward, I’m sure any organization could benefit from Rebecca’s assistance.”

Bryan Bitton
Pastor of Community Engagement

“Working with Sage Solutions proved to be an extremely valuable and informative exercise for our organization. Rebecca’s enthusiasm, skill and intuitive ability to pull diverse grassroots community thinking into a comprehensive and comprehensible document helped us lay the cornerstone of our common vision and build the basis of our action plan. The feedback we received from the community members who participated in the consultation process was, in each and every case, positive. I am confident that, in the near future, we will look back with pride at the work we did to re-defined the Centre and ensure its place as a valuable asset of our arts community.”

Joanne Grodzinski
Community Builder and Past Chair, Elora Centre for the Arts

“Sage Solutions worked with us to develop the Guelph Community Investment Project and I can’t say enough about the great work they did for us. They developed a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to gathering best practices, developing case studies, inventorying investments and gathering a great deal of information from staff and Councillors. Building from this they used their extensive community knowledge to craft a very creative and engaging process to gather community input ( people are still talking about the bead exercise). All of the components came together in a unique “made in Guelph” approach that demonstrates how we can realize our corporate values and strategic plan in the way we partner and support the community benefit sector. Rebecca works in a professional and inclusive way that is always flexible and responsive. The results speak for themselves and I will continue to look to Rebecca’s expertise in future projects!”

Barbara Powell
City of Guelph, General Manager of Community Engagement

“Everyone had a great time and we accomplished a lot. Your facilitation help really moved us along in thinking about the future of the office but also gave us some perspective as we got into the details of our job descriptions on Wed. All-in-all it was a nice balance of work, relaxation, big picture thinking and detailed planning. A success as far as we are concerned and the 4 of us unanimously agreed that we should do it again next year.”

Lynne A. Mitchell
Director, Centre for International Programs, University of Guelph

“Dr. Sutherns seems inevitably to display a large appetite for tackling tough and complex research and policy assignments with a combination of speed and comprehensiveness…You will enjoy working with Dr Sutherns, a fact to which I and many of her colleagues and clients can attest. She is a constant learner and critical optimist.”

Dr. David Kupp
World Vision International

“Under Rebecca’s guidance, Action Read’s strategic planning process moved forward at an energizing pace. She made our members feel included and considered, while creating much-needed focus. In the end, commitment to our mission has been revitalized!”

Mira Clarke
Executive Director, Action Read Community Literacy Centre

“I asked Dr. Sutherns to become the lead author of the final report, Rural, Remote and Northern Women’s Health: Policy and Research Directions because she so ably demonstrated her core understanding of the national project, the nuances of our findings and the need to develop a final report that was readily accessible to academics and non-academics alike.”

Margaret Haworth-Brockman
Director, Prairie Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

“On a number of occasions, our team has turned to Rebecca to lead us through strategic planning processes and evaluations of our work. The investments have always been more than returned through the energy, creativity and clarity that she brought to these tasks. Rebecca adds great value.”

Chris Derksen-Hiebert
Director of Advocacy and Education, World Vision Canada