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If you have ever thought:

  • “My time is too valuable to waste in boring, unproductive meetings.”
  • “I need to work with a team to get this project done, but frankly I wish I didn’t. Collaborative decision making is messy and takes too long.”
  • “I know where this group needs to go but I have no idea how to help them get there.”
  • “I want to be an effective Chair/leader but I’m out of ideas how to make our group meetings interesting and effective.”
  • “I enjoy facilitating workshops and meetings. I’d like to sharpen my skills to become known as a great facilitator.”

Then consider kick-starting your group facilitation skills through a quick, targeted course.

Each course is:

  • Done in less than a month
  • Flexible to suit your location and availability
  • Highly practical and customizable to your situation

Each course will:

  • Deepen your toolbox of facilitation techniques, but more importantly equip you to know why and when to use them
  • Put you in direct contact with a facilitator with 20 years of experience in multiple sectors, as well as with other leaders looking to reinvigorate their meetings
  • Provide you with opportunities to apply your learning and gain immediate feedback

These courses occur within a conversational online platform and by telephone over four weeks.

Public course dates are shown here. Custom sessions for 8 or more participants are available upon request.

Hearing From Who Cares:
Stakeholder Engagement Planning©

Involving people in decision-making that affects them leads to wiser decisions that people will stand behind. Learn how to engage the wisdom and enthusiasm of those who have a stake in the decisions you are making.

This training is available online or as part of a two-part experience with the opportunity to apply the concepts learned at an in-person workshop.

Online Course: Familiarize yourself with the concepts of stakeholder engagement planning through independent and ongoing access to the online curriculum. Work through the content at your own pace and engage with the instructor and other participants through online conversations.

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Practical Facilitation:
Making Your Good Stuff Better©

Run meetings and workshops that are more effective in achieving their purpose and engaging for participants.

Skills learned: Purpose-driven meeting design; adaptation of facilitation techniques to suit your context.

Facilitation experience required: Valuable for all levels of facilitation experience.

Practical Facilitation:

Off the Rails but Still On Track©

Become more agile, equipped and confident as a facilitator when things don’t go as planned.

Skills learned: Top notch preparation habits to minimize the unexpected; specific techniques to adapt to whatever happens in the room.

Facilitation experience required: Enough to have some stories to share, some questions, and maybe a couple of battle scars!


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What our clients say…

“I enjoyed the course and highly recommend it to anyone who has been facilitating for a while and wants to raise their skills to the next level. I learned a lot of practical tools, and got a different perspective on things I thought I already knew, but didn’t.”

“Extremely well executed and engaging.”

“I found the course very professional, the content high-quality, Rebecca’s leadership very effective, and the overall result to be a great addition to my professional toolkit.”

“I feel very fortunate to have found the course “Making Your Good Stuff Better”. I often find myself leading technical meetings and workshops and it was eye opening to learn of the facilitation world and have it unpacked by someone so experienced and knowledgeable. The interview sessions with other facilitators offer different perspectives and the ongoing weekly dialogue with other participants was engaging. I would recommend this to technical people to help them think outside the box, even just a little bit, in their delivery.”

“This course introduced me to an enriching and inspiring world that I never even really knew existed. With a tremendous diversity of material and concepts, this course has improved my confidence to facilitate meetings far beyond what I could have accomplished on my own.”

“Engaging, informative and very practical. I would highly recommend it.”

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