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Facilitation Tips and Tools

Preparing to Plan
You know you need a strategic plan, but where do you start? This worksheet makes the thinking process easy.

SAGE – Preparing to Plan – PDF


SAGE-Space-Planning-ChecklistSpace Planning Checklist
The physical space you are in will affect the work that gets done in that space. This checklist will help determine if the space meets your needs and help eliminate surprises the day of the meeting.



sage-facilitation-planningFacilitation Planning Template
This template will help you develop a detailed plan for your facilitated session.



sage-multiple-scenariosPlanning for Multiple Scenarios
Planning multiple scenarios in advance will help you to adapt when things take an unexpected turn.



sage-know-yourselfKnow Yourself
Knowing yourself is your starting point to becoming a more agile, confident facilitator.



sage-shaping-expectationsWhat they see is what you get
Small differences in language can make a big difference in aligning expectations.



sage-kinds-of-smartVarious Kinds of Smart
Designing successful meetings means including ways for all participants to be successfully engaged.



sage-emotions-run-highWhen emotions run high
Tips on how to navigate high emotions.



sage-meeting-first-aidMeeting First Aid
Quick tips to get things back on track.



Governance Resources

SAGE-Board-Member-OrientationBoard Onboarding
When it comes to preparing board members for their task, it is helpful to intentionally consider four interlocking pieces of Director orientation, that move from the general to the specific.



Coaching Resources

SAGE-Reading-ListRead to Succeed
Here is a list of my recent reads. I hope you find some of these titles interesting and helpful.



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