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  • Sessions are available on-demand and can be customized to meet your objectives, schedule and budget.
  • Workshops may also be available as presentations for upcoming meetings or conferences.
  • Ongoing team coaching is available to sustain your learning.
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Hearing From Who Cares:
Stakeholder Engagement Planning©

Involving people in decision-making that affects them leads to wiser decisions that people will stand behind. Learn how to engage the wisdom and enthusiasm of those who have a stake in the decisions you are making.

This training is available online or as part of a two-part experience with the opportunity to apply the concepts learned at an in-person workshop.

Online Course: Familiarize yourself with the concepts of stakeholder engagement planning through independent and ongoing access to the online curriculum. Work through the content at your own pace and engage with the instructor and other participants through online conversations.

In-Person Workshop: Receive direct coaching and apply the concepts covered in the online course to your own public engagement planning scenario at a half- or full-day workshop in your area to deepen your understanding.

One-day Workshop
Self Deployed: Practical Strategic Planning for Solopreneurs

This one day workshop equips solopreneurs for accelerated success by helping you to focus on the results that truly matter to you this year. Our new strategic planning workshop provides:

  • Professionally facilitated strategic planning workshop with other solopreneurs.
  • Easy-to-use visual monitoring tool to track your progress against targets important to you.
  • Monthly 30-minute mentoring calls for one year to ensure you stay on track.
  • An active community of other solopreneurs with whom to sharpen your practice and celebrate your successes.

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Governance Greatness

Looking for ways to bring out the best in your board? Our workshops and coaching package are designed to help you get the most – and the best – from your board. Choose one of three options to help raise your board’s performance, or save by ordering a combination of services best suited to your needs.

  • Board Onboarding prepares your board to be amazing. This half-day customized investment provides orientation for new Directors and sets a unified direction for the upcoming year.
  • Best Year Yet provides professional strategic planning facilitation to help your board develop a clear annual work plan. This half-day session offers strategic clarity to your board at the start of a new fiscal year.
  • ED/Board Chair Coaching invests in a relationship that is critical to any organization’s success but it frequently overlooked.

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Half-day Workshop
Creative Collaboration

Experience how to create conditions that will optimize your team’s collective creativity, and have fun doing it. Creative Collaboration transforms the latest multi-disciplinary evidence on team creativity into an engaging, interactive half-day retreat. This workshop is suitable for groups of 6-16 and can be combined with another half-day session for a memorable, full-day, team-building experience at a discounted rate.
One or Two-day Workshop
Facilitation Skills

An introduction to the core competencies of facilitation, modelled through the use of multiple engaging facilitation techniques grounded in adult learning. This workshop is available in a one-day or two-day format.The two-day Facilitation Skills course is part of Conrad Grebel University College’s Certificate in Conflict Management and will take place October 23-24, 2019 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Half-day Workshop
Problem Solving Under Pressure

Challenge your team to leverage its strengths and turn constraints into advantages. Apply what you learn during a live escape adventure at Guelph’s Exitus Escape Rooms. This workshop is suitable for groups of 6-16 and can be combined with another half-day session for a memorable, full-day, team-building experience at a discounted rate.

Two-hour Session
Run Better Meetings

We’ve all wasted time in weakly planned, poorly led meetings. Life’s too short. This two-hour practical session will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to run (or even participate in) more engaging and productive meetings.

Two-hour Session
Team Time Tune-Up

Make the most of your time with your people. You will leave this two-hour session having learned, witnessed and practiced 10 proven strategies for optimizing the use of the limited time you have with your team.

What our clients say…

“Rebecca brought a great combination of facilitation skill mixed with an appropriate amount of theory to help shape the outcome, which is a terrific blueprint to use throughout the months to come to continuously improve as a board.”
David Merkley
Board Chair, YMCA-YWCA of Guelph

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